After: Restored exterior masonry walls, custom gutters were replicated and replaced, windows were restored and fitted with storms and screens
 Before: The greenhouse/solar collector did provide some heat, but it was not very attractive and was causing the masonry to deteriorate.
 Before: Windows had been removed and masonry compromised.
 Walls at the flanking entry landings had suffered from moisture intrusion through the coping and the greenhouse.
 The east side needed the most work; these walls also support the steps and landings over part of the basement below. 
 After: Careful masonry work
 The exterior entry landings were waterproofed and retiled.
  Marvin Windows  crafted custom storm windows and storm/screen combinations to fit the varying sizes and shapes of the windows in this historic building.
 Dining room Ceiling after cracks are patched before painting restored   
 Local artist, Lori DiPasquale restored the artwork and reglazed the ceiling, pretty amazing.
 The painting in the arch above a book case was deteriorating badly.
 With careful color matching and expert artistry, it is hard to tell that this had to be restored.
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