This is a great small shop space.
 Posts and beams connect with tenons and pegs.
 Intermediate posts dovetail into the beams.
 Joists dovetail into main girt beams. Knee braces are tenoned into posts and beams.
 Straps and clamps hold a girt together while it is raised and the joints are tightened.
 Minor girts are dovetailed into posts; the engineers like us to reinforce the joints with bolts.
 Posts and beams fit together with mortise and tenon joinery pinned with oak dowels. Ceiling joists and wall framing are locked in with dovetail joinery.
 Queen posts and collar ties connect the rafters to the main girts.
 Beetle kill pine structural sheathing on walls and roof provide rigidity and a solid base for insulation, siding, and roofing.
 The blue stained beetle kill pine creates a handsome contrast with the darker Douglas fir timbers.
 Rigid insulation on west side.
 1/2" plywood is installed over the insulation.
 These large mahogany doors, built for this job, make it easy to move materials and equipment into the shop.
 Custom mahogany doors and lap siding
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